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  1. No photography and no recording!
  2. Phone must stay in the bag in the cloakroom.
  3. Only participate if you are healthy and feeling good.
  4. Respect the dress code of the night. Show you afford. No streetwear.
  5. Respect the staff and never discuss with them.
  6. Listen and watch before you act. Never touch anyone before you communicate with them.
  7. Come on time. Nothing starts in the middle.
  8. Never speak about who exactly was at the party.
  9. Invite only the people you trust and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have community rules?

What is the usual age of your guests?

Where we can buy the admission?

It's sold out. Is there any chance to get the last tickets?

We cannot participate for health (and other) reasons. Is it possible to return the ticket?

I'm female, can my male accompaniment arrive later than me?

I'm female, can my male accompaniment arrive earlier than me?

We have bought Trinity ticket but we are two females and one male in the end, can we enter?

Are showers provided in Le Clan?

Can you help us find the right outfit for the gentleman?

Can you help us find the right dress for the ladies?

Can you recommend a place to shop for cool outfits and accessories?

Where can we change into our outfits?

Can we pay by card at the bar?

I'm DJ, can I play for you?

Are protective aids or lubricants available?